Roots 4 Change

Our Foundations

This section outlines the foundations of this Action Plan: i.e. Roots 4 Change’s vision, mission and values; focus; club model; and organizational infrastructure and capacity.

Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

To help York students to pursue their dreams, hobbies, and talents through encouraging opportunities to network with people in and outside York University.  Roots 4 Change’s vision also includes a charity aspect that will give back to the community and provide opportunities for youth to become involved in various initiatives, and therefore gain exposure to the university and networking possibilities at a younger age.


Our Mission

Through providing events, including workshops and seminars, students will be given the necessary resources towards their career and other endeavours.  In addition, these workshops and networking opportunities will assist in improving students’ social skills, which can positively impact the York University culture into a friendly environment conducive for enabling Roots 4 Change to serve as a connector/link to other clubs and organizations at York University.  Through this mission, we anticipate that York students will graduate and leave York feeling connected to networks that will enhance their ability to pursue their passions and careers.


Our Values

The Roots 4 Change organization values York University students’ achieving success in their academics and encouraging them to think critically about their education and life paths.  This will help to create a balanced experience for our members, who will become well versed in our seven pillars; arts, business, charity, academics, athletics, culture, and community.  We value actions of strong recruitment that will allow for various York university students representing multiple disciplines to actively be involved within the organization.   Having a collaborative nature and engaging in partnerships to deliver workshops and seminars, will extend our reach within the internal York body and improve relations with the broader community.


Our Focus

Roots 4 Change is an inclusive organization which welcomes membership from York students, Faculty members, alumni and community members.  However, Roots 4 Change does have a growth model that intends to expand their focus on Universities throughout Ontario, which would allow for tabling, postering, and networking events at the following universities; University of Toronto, Brock, Western, and Windsor.  The impact of this development will benefit the various University students, and the external community (businesses, community organizations, and community members).



There are four main priorities for R4C.   Each priority and direction is developed to enable R4C to deliver and continuously improve its club.

  1. Recruiting & Facilitating events
  2. Funding
  3. Governance
  4. Evaluation


Core Club Elements

Core Club Elements enable us to deliver on our mission and make an impact. We need to sustain and reinforce the following elements as we move forward; having a university presence, creating a network model geared towards York students, and exposure and linkage to the greater community around our seven pillars (arts, business, charity, academics, athletics, culture, community).


Organizational Infrastructure and Capacity

The infrastructure and capacities Roots 4 Change needs to strengthen and/or develop so we can continue to deliver on and strengthen our Core Club Foundations is our five pillars: arts, business, academics, athletics, and community.


R4C Statistics

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